Painting exhibition at NAA

• By Martha Nangombe

ART has a way of capturing people’s emotions and giving them an escape to a beautiful place which in most cases is somewhere they can only envisage as depicted by a painting.

Such was the case when Frans Uunona and Petrus Amuthenu left the audience in awe at their arts exhibition which took place recently at the Namibian Arts Association in Windhoek.

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Uunona, who has been an artist since childhood, said he has been creating paintings ever since he was young but only started taking it seriously in 2011.

“The exhibition meant a lot for my partner and I because we were able to speak to people through our work and from the look of things, the hard work we placed in this collection is paying off.

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The exhibition turned out better than we expected and we continue to receive positive feedback form our audience. This shows us that they enjoyed our pieces and found it therapeutic which is always a good thing to see,” Uunona said.

Amuthenu’s work is built around pop-up culture and related motifs.

It is also a mix of media and technique, coupled with the use of urban, noticeable Namibian motifs, while Frans Uunona mainly focuses and explores the use of colours to depict emotions and feelings.

The dynamic duo are both able to work with various mediums and are drawn to bright colours. The two artists have worked on many projects together including a few notable public murals. Their work is intertwined with the exploration of vibrant colours in ink, oil, acrylic paint and airbrush on canvas, fabriano paper and hardboard.

“One of the many projects we did together is the Passing Through designs which are an appreciation of the beauty around us in the physical world and that of its futuristic interpretation.

The work includes abstract paintings, portraits, prints and art of the mind,” Amuthemu said.

National Arts Association Executive Manager and Creative Entrepreneur Jaimee-Lee Diergaardt expressed her gratitude towards the turnout for the exhibition and says that the exhibition was of full life.