Para-athelete making waves in athletics

• By Michael Uugwanga

Leading para-athlete and national sprinter, Bradley Murere, is set to represent the country in the 100m T46 and 200m T46 at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England from July 28 to August 08, 2022.

Murere, who was born at Tsumeb in Northern Namibia 22-years-ago,was not born with a disability but acquired it as a result of a car accident at the age of ten in which both his parents died.

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He lost his right arm as a result of the accident.

Besides sprinting he also excels at long jump.

A champion in his own right, Murere bagged silver at the T46 200m andbronze at the T46 100m at the 2018 Grand Prix in Berlin, Germany, even though he only took up para-sport in 2017.

Murere credits his Aunt Petronella /Uiras and his Coach for his on-track success and credits them for pushing him to greater heights and not allowing him to pity himself or others to pity him.
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His aunt, //Uiras a former athlete in her younger days said she never doubted her nephew’s talent.

She said she was rather surprised that Murere did not make it to the rescheduled 2022 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Like her nephew, //Uiras was a household sprinter in the 80s in Tsumeb before she stopped after moving to Swakopmund in 1994.

“There were no any sprint coaches in my heydays so I had to find a job to make a living which led to me sadly quitting track: three decades later I have an opportunity to raise a champion” //Uiras noted.

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I am not surprised at all his achievements, last year before the announcement of the Namibian team to Tokyo I printed out shirts for my whole household and family in Tsumeb and Windhoek that read‘Bradley for Tokyo’ that is how much faith I had in him.

Unfortunately, when he did not make the team but we never lost hope as we knew that he would make it to the Commonwealth Games” //Uiras. 

Murere’s Coach, Ulla Finkeldey said she rates the para-athlete as one of the best in the world.

“He, Murere, is physically and emotionally ready to for whatever he puts his mind to”.

“He is in the top 10 in the world and it is time to show what he trained for the past five years.  He is ready for the next step,” Finkeldey said.

There are ordinary athletes who have everything going for them and then there are extra-ordinary athletes who have made great strides to succeedagainst all odds and Murere is surely one of them.

Besides sprinting he is also at long jump.

Murere attended his elementary years at the Namib Primary School in Swakopmund and proceeded to complete his high school at Namib High.
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In 2019 he was named Junior Male Para Athlete of the Year at the 2019 Namibia Sports Awards but he still feels underrated.

Murere is also a qualified Fitness Instructor and laments the distinction made between para-athletes and ‘other’ athletes’.

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“I think as a para athlete I’m still underrated compared to the “able bodied athletes; but I really don’t focus on that since I have a dream to chase”.