Parole beckons for treason trio

• By Confidente Reporter

HIGH treason convicts, Adour Mutalife Chika, Martin Siano Tubaundule and Fabian Thomas Simiyasa will be eligible for parole in seven months, arguments presented by government in a current court case in which the trio is seeking early parole have revealed.

The trio was found to have been part of the armed secessionist organisation in the former Caprivi region which conspired to overthrow the Namibian government in that region between September 1998 and December 2003.

The group reportedly imported into Namibia armaments comprising cannons, machine guns, magazines and other military weapons for their planned forceful succession of the Caprivi Strip at the time.

Although High Court judge, Justice Angula this week reserved judgement in the trio’s freedom bid to March 2022, government, through Attorney General Festus Mbandeka has outplayed that eligibility date for release on full parole is August 7 2022, subject to conditions.

“The trio is eligible for possible release on full parole under the Correctional Service Act. However, as the offences of treason and murder are scheduled offences, they can only be considered for release on full parole after serving two thirds of their sentences.  This is in terms of section 114 of the Correctional Service Act, No. 9 of 2012, and after meeting the other requirements as stipulated in the mentioned section as I have alluded to above,” Mbandeka said in court papers seen by Confidente.



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