Patrick comes of age

PDK fans will get a chance to see the trio in action one more time at Patrick Mwashindange’s album launch set for December 9 at Brewers Market.
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Already dubbed a smash hit album, Patrick’s first offering as a solo artist is a sign the musician has come of age.

The album launch will be graced by Tate Buti, Top Cheri and Dj Chichilla who are expected to give fans an earlier Christmas present.

Titled Sikiliza, the album is a diversified to speaks to all generations and culture through the fusion of local sounds and different genres such as Damara punch, Township Disco and Oviritje mixed with the African pop sounds.

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According to Patrick, the 18 track album consists of beautiful melody’s moulded around the, “things I have gone through and  was inspired by everyday social issues and everything, I see around me.”

Patrick said the album was a spiritual offering aimed at bringing together all cultures and generations.

“It’s a collection of our local music sounds, Oviritje, Damara Punch and Township Disco fused with the African sounds, so that I can be able to stay as  original as I can be as a Namibian artist but have an international sound meant for both the young and old. It has beautiful melodies full of massage, mostly about things, I have gone through.
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The album was inspired by everyday social issues, social victories, everything I see around me, put into music.

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As musicians, we have a responsibility to play in terms of teaching, inspiring and uplifting people by telling them they are not the only people going through things. Music can do a lot in terms of healing people,” he said.
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