Pay artists for services rendered – Kauandenge

By Rosalia David

MEMBER of Parliament (MP) and musician, Joseph Kauandenge has stressed over the lack of payment from event organisers who are exploiting musicians saying that it’s high time things change.
This comes after an altercation occurred between DJ Ambizzy and event organiser Birdies Trekwerk last week about late payment which went viral on social media.

Last week, DJ Ambizzy posted a picture of Trekwerk on his Instagram page saying, “Talk is cheap, pay up, the same way you want others to respect your business is the same way you should respect someone else’s business. Pay Asser Deep’s money.”
Trekwerk responded with insensitive remarks towards people who suffer from albinism. After backlash on social media, the entrepreneur later issued a letter of apology however DJ Ambizzy refused to accept it.

Kauandenge further condemn stigmatisation in the music industry saying that people should not move away from paying or supporting musicians according to their skin colour, race or ethnics.
“I saw the social media post and I was very disappointed that a person can call someone an albino. Stigmatisation has a psychological impact and should be avoided all the time. Just pay the artists for God’s sake. They are already suffering cause of the pandemic,” he stressed.
“I also urged the young man to take action against him.

You cannot use someone’s service and refuse to pay after they have given you what they want,” he said.

In conclusion he advises musicians to invest in getting representatives that have the power to demand for payment after every service rendered.
He went on to say that the issue of non-payment when it comes to artists in general has been a long time matter that needs urgent intervention.
Kauandenge further urged all event organisers to book more local musicians during the pandemic as their talents puts food on the table for their families.