PDM drags Govt to court over Sardarov lease agreement

• By Allexer Namundjembo

PDM has dragged the government to court over a four-year lease agreement with a Russian Citizen, Rashid Sardarov, who agreed with the government to lease four farms for 99 years.

In the affidavit seen by Confidente, PDM is seeking a review and asking the court to set aside the decision to lease and lease the farms at the behest of the first respondent to the second respondent.

The application further seeks to interdict the intended grandiose developments by the second response on the farms.

According to the Court documents, Farms Rianhof no 123, Farm Kameelboom no 119, Farm Smaldeel no 124 and Farm Wolffsgrund, no 122 in the Khomas region are the main subjects of the matter. ‘’The farms are adjacent and measure 17 385 1002 hectares together.

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