PDM women want to take charge


IN endeavours to address structural inequalities in Namibia’s economy, Popular Democratic Movement Youth League( PDMYL) deputy secretary general and secretary for finance Yvette !Haokhoes Araes and Vaakamuina Kamutuezu are eager to make that change and take leadership in the upcoming youth league congress.

Araes is running for secretary general, whereas Kamutuezu will contest for PDMYL national chairperson.

The party’s sixth elective national congress is set to take place from December 9 to 12.

In an exclusive interview with the duo, Araes told Confidente that they are under the impression that the opinion of women in the youth league is not being heard.

“I feel as though the voices of women that are part of the youth league are not really being heard out.

“We also feel as females our voices need to be heard in regards to certain social economic issues that are currently happening. We don’t always want to deputise. We want to send the message clear that women can also lead,” she said.

Furthermore she added that they will also aim to send a clear message to young people to take politics seriously and to go vote as they are the majority in Namibia.

“This will not only attract young vibrant youthful people to the party but also women that aspire for political aspirations in the party itself. We will also try to send a message clear to young people to get very serious when it comes to politics because as young people we are the majority.

“It is our plan to makes sure that we influence every young person to go and vote and make sure we are here to change our fellow young people’s lives,” she added.

Kamutuezu concurred with Araes and added that young leaders would attract more people to join the party.

“Bringing in a new set of leadership and fresh minds will attract more leaders within the party and we could get all the branches more active on the grassroots level and we will be covering the ground of our governing party, which in return will attract more people to join the party and the party wings. If we have young vibrant leaders (fighting for positions) that understand the interest of youth, it would make a huge difference,

“As women we sometimes feel like we are overpowered by the men.

“This time around we want to make sure that young ladies are in the regional and national structures of the party. We want to change the whole system from men only being in charge or being the leaders. We want to make sure young women are also position empowered.”

The congress was due to take place in 2020 when the term of the current management expired but due to the adverse effects of Covid-19, it was postponed.