Peaceful Nelulu suspended

By Hertta-Maria Amutenja

CHAIPERSON of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OuTA), George Nelulu is claiming he has no knowledge as to why the traditional authority took a decision to suspend him again.

Confidente understands that Nelulu was summoned to the traditional authority office on Tuesday to be served with a suspension letter, following a Monday meeting  -where he was not present- by  Queen Martha Mwadinomho Kristian Nelumbu’s  closest advisors and other senior traditional councillors where a decision to place him on suspension  was taken.

Nelulu was suspended years ago, but the suspension was reversed after an internal investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing.

When approached for comment Nelulu said, “Yes I was suspended but I don’t know why.

I am peacefully sitting at my home eating my porridge, I have no idea what is going. I have approached my lawyer and he has advised me to not comment much on the issue.”

The suspension comes following a border dispute two biggest Ovawambo tribes with the effect that some homesteads that were previously seen as part of Oukwanyama, are now falling under the Ondonga Traditional Authority.

The border conflict dates back to when an Omukwanyama headman, whose traditional homestead was on the Ondonga side of the border, allegedly started allocating land in Ondonga but doing so on behalf of the OuTa.

The Aandonga decided to rectify the situation recently. Following the suspension this week, Hadino Hishongwa who is Nelulu’s deputy, becomes the acting chairperson while the head of the Eenhana district, Ephraim Weyulu, was appointed caretaker headman of Nelulu’s Eudaneko district.
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Hishongwa was Swapo’s chief representative to Scandinavia, West Germany and Austria during  Namibia’s liberation struggle. Hishongwa was then appointed deputy minister of labour and human resources development in 1990.
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In 1995 he was transferred to the youth and sport ministry, again as deputy minister.

Hishongwa was a member of the National Assembly from 1989 until 2005, thereafter he was appointed High Commissioner to Botswana . In April 2011, he was replaced by the former ambassador to South Africa, Philemon Kambala.