Phatboy Luthor talks new visuals

By Rosalia David

AFTER dropping his first album titled ‘Koning’ in December, rapper Phatboy Luthor has plans to release new visuals while working on his second offering to be released towards the end of the year.

In an interview with Confidente, Luthor expressed gratitude towards the response he got on his Koning album saying that ‘people have been jamming nonstop’ to it during the festive season up to now.

“They loved it and I am sure people are already craving for new music.

It’s not good to feed them with the same music over and over again, but for now, I am more focused on releasing music videos,” he said.

Luthor said he has gained a lot of experience throughout his musical journey and is now focused on releasing music videos that will promote his latest album.

“The thing about people is, not only do they want to listen to the songs but they also want to see visuals and understand what a person is actually rapping about.

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Visuals tell a story,” he added.

Asked on what inspired the title of his album, Luthor explained that it emanated from his childhood nickname, King. Koning means king in Afrikaans.

“The title was inspired by a childhood friend …

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we grew up together, he called me King as I was always an artist, even as a child. I thought why not name my album that? So I went ahead.”

On his first album, he worked with musicians such as Humble Kid, Krumblez, Bllxnt, Bobby WVDK, Madhunanga, Exit, Gee the Baddest and Aspres.

He said the album strictly consists of rap songs.

“It’s all hip hop. I want people to fall in love with the genre once again and just allow them to enjoy a full hip hop project,” he added.

Luthor added that his love for music started in 2010 when together with his friends, they established a dancing crew named LBHT.

“It was in 2010 when I first went into a studio and recorded a song.  Kwaito was the deal at that time, so the boys and I were busy with that. Hip hop only came into the picture in 2014, when the rest didn’t feel like doing music anymore. I chose that specific genre because it’s one of the genres that has been topping the charts since then, but, I will still jump to work with an artist that does a different genre like Afro pop or House.”

Koning album was produced by DJ Flow, Nostalgia and Mr Glo.