Police arrest 31 for drugs worth N$850 000

By Tatenda Tracy Tafirenyika

AT least 31 Namibian males and one Angolan male were among those arrested in various regions of the country over the long weekend for dealing in or being in possession of crack cocaine, mandrax tablets and cannabis.

The overall estimated value of the illicit drugs confiscated over the past weekend (in total 5 120 grams) is N$853 750, according to the latest police report released this week.

There is some speculation but no conclusive evidence that drug abuse may have increased over the lockdown period, particularly in response to the prohibition on the sale of alcohol. The police statistics indicate that the drugs most commonly abused in Namibia are cannabis, mandrax, cocaine and crack. Mandrax and cocaine are the most trafficked drugs into Namibia.

The Namibian Police said “since January last year 35 suspects have been arrested in various entry points in possession of drugs. They were caught having a high amount of the drugs, which they were hiding in their bags and shoes.”

The abuse of these substances can change everything from your body to your bank account. This can include altered brain chemistry, health complications, infections, legal issues, financial problems, accidental injuries, and even death.

In this regard, the police said: “The abuse of drugs has also caused a high death rate in Namibia. Let us take, for example, a week ago we detailed an account of two youngsters who kicked the bucket after a medication overdose, [and] the 22-year-old Romalo Brown, a resident of 7 de Laan in Otjomuise was today found dead in his shack between 07h00 and 08h00.”

Most of the arrested suspects are Namibian, South African, Angolan, Swazi, Malawian and Zambian nationals.