Police brutality continues at Oshikango


POLICE brutality against unarmed citizens continues unabated in Ohangwena region with the latest victim being a 34-year-old man who claims he was brutalised at the beginning of last month.

Narrating his ordeal to Confidente this week, Inamutila Nakwatumba of Ohangwena village said that on the morning of September 9, he and a fellow taxi driver were chatting with their cars parked at a restaurant. Suddenly, a police pick-up truck with 11 police officers pulled up.

“They asked us what we were doing there and I answered them that we were only discussing our personal issues. One officer said I was answering s**t and they descended upon me. They started punching and kicking me. They held my arms back, and put me on the bonnet of the car. Later on, one of them shouted they should let go of the dog and they jumped into the car and sped off,” he said.


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