Police intensify crackdown on foreign vendors

…As Angolan authorities implore refugees to return home


POLICE in the northern part of the country, especially in Oshana and Ohangwena regions have started a crackdown on Angolans and other foreign vendors selling wares in the streets in major towns such as Eenhana, Oshikango and Ondangwa.
Last weekend, police officers swept the streets of Ondangwa, chasing vendors off the streets and confiscating their wares.

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The majority of the foreign vendors are Angolans whilst a small percentage are Zimbabwe nationals.
Police officers in vans were seen chasing the vendors, most of whom fled leaving behind items such as basins, buckets, plates, cups, shoes and food.

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The items were confiscated and loaded into police vans.

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A police source informed Confidente that the items would be taken to the Ondangwa police station.

Confidente understands a similar operation also took place in Ohangwena last week.

For full story read this week’s edition.