Police raise concern with Angolan kids roaming streets

By Martha Nangombe, Veronica Amaral and Namundjebo Ndaindila Allexer

NAMIBIA Police Force deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi says the significant growth of Angolan children selling and loitering the streets across the country has become a major concern.

The streets have become both a workplace and a living area for these young children, as they sell wooden goods and beg for food and money.

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Their presence is a heartbreaking reminder of the socioeconomic hurdles that families endure when they seek sanctuary and opportunity across borders.

This phenomenon has spurred debate about the underlying causes, repercussions, and the necessity for joint efforts to overcome these emerging suppliers’ issues.

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“The mushrooming of these children has become a severe problem because they are now observed in greater numbers, selling and loitering around the country in various places.

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They come from the north of the nation, purportedly from Namibia and Angola, and their parents accompany those in Windhoek,” Shikwambi remarked.

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