Pope Francis’ blessing of gay priest relationships unBiblical: Katenda

■ By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

THE Roman Catholic Pope Francis has made two critical pronouncements in recent times – allowing priests to be in gay relationships and calling for a ban on surrogacy.

It is, however, his blessing of gay relationships that has sparked some outrage even here in Namibia. Pope Francis’ pronouncement reverses a Vatican declaration issued in 2021.

Bishop Katenda considers Pope Francis’ pronouncement as unBiblical and contrary to Christian moral teachings on sexuality, warning that the approach could divide the Christian community.

Katenda argued for inclusivity and focus on transforming behaviour rather than blessing what the Bible calls sin. “I am not sure about the truthfulness of media statements, but let us suppose it is true.

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It is unsurprising because Western denominations have been on that trajectory for a long time. “However, these actions as far as church life, which is Christian life is concerned, are to be regarded as unbiblical and contrary to the plain moral teachings in matters of sex and sexuality,” Katenda said.

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According to Katenda, if the idea is to welcome or include practising LGBTQI in the life of the church, then it is a misguided and ill-advised approach. He added that the Bible, which is and should be the ultimate standard of the church in matters of doctrine and practice, calls the practice of homosexuality sin among numerous other sins.

Katenda argued that including all sinners (no matter which sin is committed) in the church is not to bless what the Bible calls sin but to call for the renouncing of such sin and then bring about transformation.

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Otherwise, he added, this is deception and, therefore, unChristian, unloving and not caring for the eternal destination.

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