Prime Lounge shows how Zambezi bream should look and taste

By Rosalia David

THE Prime Lounge serving Windhoek-style pizza, hearty plates of pap, Zambezi bream, spinach, chips and wings is a true Namibian eatery that’s worth taking a trip to.
Situated along Shoveller street in Khomasdal, the bar and restaurant offers a wide selection of pizza’s from Mexican to The prime and the Hannibal bar pizza being the favourite pizzas ordered by many clients visiting the chilling spot.

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The restaurant has a chilled vibe where people can unwind during lunch or after work.
The music is played at a minimum volume allowing customers to enjoy their meals without loud music blasting into the ears.
Tasting its highly preferred dishes, the Zambezi bream which comes with spinach and pap on the side seem to have taken the cake; it had a soft taste and cooked with little salt leaving room for spice lovers to have an option of adding more.

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What can be better than a side of creamy spinach with a lovely hint of onions and salt?

I would say I enjoyed the spinach more than the other dishes.

The fries are also recommendable as they are served with wings that has a curry taste making them different from all the other restaurants with regular fried wings.
Asked on what makes the place unique, employee Hileni Inane said it is the chilled atmosphere at the venue which allows people to relax and enjoy a cold drink far from the busy CBD.

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“We mostly attract the working class, people that don’t want the roughness and just want to grab a drink and go home,” she said.

The Prime Lounge and bar opened its doors in 2019 and attracts a huge clientele base, from the youth to adults.
Inane said the place used to be packed before Covid-19 came into existence but now has to allow a minimum of 50 people only.
Currently, eight people are employed at the venue.
The Prime food menu is also affordable ranging from N$15 to N$135.
The drinks menu prices range from N$20 to N$30.