Project Never Walk Alone, Capricorn partner against poverty


Education is the greatest equalizer, a famous saying by Nelson Mandela highlights the importance of education in society and many years later, educational initiatives continue to be a priority as they are the determining factors for future generations.

Sharing the same vision is the Capricorn Foundation that has joined forces with the Never Walk Alone Project to help restore the confidence of children and change the narrative that “shoes are a luxury and not a basic need.

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On November 24, the Capricorn Foundation, through Project Never Walk Alone, donated a total of 350 pairs of shoes to learners from the Groot Aub Primary School, Chairman Mao Zedong High School, and St. Andrew Primary School in the Khomas region, valued at N$100 000. The project has to date donated a total of 6290 pairs of shoes in six regions.

Sharing his delight at the partnership agreement with the Capricorn Foundation was Tim Ekandjo, the founder of the Project Never Walk Alone, who said, “We are proud to partner with the Capricorn Foundation on the latest handover of shoes. Project Never Walk Alone is a national call to do the right thing for the right reasons.  A child without shoes is normally one of the most visible signs of poverty.

“Children who go to school without shoes are always at risk of being teased and undermined by their friends, it affects their self-confidence and drains their hope which affects their purpose in life in the long run.

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