Pugilist ready to redeem himself in Feb

By Michael  Uugwanga

DESPITE narrowly losing for the first time in his professional career, Lukas ‘Desert Storm’ Sakaria who lost in a unanimous decision against Isaac Avelar on 5 December is set to return to the US in January to fight against an opponent yet to be confirmed.

This was said by his promoter Scott Patrick Farrell in an interview with Confidente Sport this week when asked what the future holds for the Namibian featherweight boxer.

Sakaria (36) after the defeat in a non-title bout that was scheduled for 10 rounds has now a record of 24 fights and one defeat to 23-year-old Avelar of Mexico.

Farrell said that he was impressed by Sakarai’s work ethic adding that even former three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis and Americans who watched the fight on television were also impressed by Sakaria’s commitment.

“I think he (Sakaria) had a fantastic fight, if I am to break down this fight.   Sakaria was only informed about this fight a week to come fight in the US and it was a risky fight given the timeframe he was informed.

“It was a slow start for him from round one to round four but from round five he rocked Avelar very hard with some good right hand punches.

When he pushed Avelar backwards he was getting better. It was a great performance. This is boxing business and anything can happen.

“Also as you know (Lennox) Lewis who was commentating on the fight was really impressed by Sakaria’s performance. Even the promoters and the American people liked Sakaria as he really came to fight.

“Sakaria is invited back in the US and as we are speaking I am busy booking for a flight ticket for him to come back in January as he will be fighting in February,” said Farrell.

Farrell also said that had the fight been scheduled for 12 rounds the result could have been different.

“He demonstrated his resilience, he took the best out of Avelar’s shots and he never looked in trouble. Sakaria also looked fresher and more relaxed of the two boxers. Had it been for 12 rounds, Sakaria could have taken that fight for sure or at least a draw or split draw if I would say that. Therefore his return to the US is imminent,” said Farrell.