Pupkewitz Jetty Mile returns to Swakop

Staff Reporter

THE Pupkewitz Jetty Mile will be taking place in Swakopmund on Friday 27 December for the 13th consecutive year.

The event is sponsored by the Pupkewitz Foundation, organised by OTB Sport and inspired by the Pupkewitz Group and the Pupkewitz Foundation, which has committed N$145,000 towards the running of this event, to raise its total sponsorship for the event for the past five years to N$1,723,000.

The main swim event will start at 15h30 at the Tiger Reef bar, with swimmers expected to cover a distance of approximately 1.85km. The sprint swim of 600m will take place in the more protected waters of the Mole at 16h30.

At 17h00, there will be a Kiddies Fun event, where children accompanied by their parents or another competent swimmer can participate with an option to make use of any flotation device.

CEO and principal trustee of Pupkewitz, Meryl Barry said sport plays a vital role in society and it is one of the reason they decided to come on board.

Yvonne Brinkmann from OTB Sport expects the event to go as planned, despite talks that the event might not take place due to unforeseen circumstances. About 250 participants are expected to take part, but Swakopmund swimmer Phillip Seidler, who has won the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile for six consecutive years and a firm favourite to win this year, is yet to confirm his participation.

“Even if sea conditions are extremely rough it is unlikely that the event will be cancelled. Competitors (minors in consultation and agreement with their parents) need to assess for themselves whether they are capable of taking part in the sea conditions on the day. Competitors need to be self-sufficient in the water, as sea rescue is very limited and the rougher the conditions the more difficult or impossible a sea rescue operation is. At this stage, it is not yet confirmed if Seidler will be competing in the event.”

The 17-year-old Heleni Stergiadis is expected to dominate the event in her age category as she has won the event for the past three years.

“I thoroughly enjoy this event as it brings people together for the love of swimming. Even if it may seem scary to swim in the sea, swimming with your friends and fellow swimmers makes it easier, knowing they are perhaps also nervous and this draws you closer together. So many memories are created together through this event,” said Heleni.

Online entries will close Wednesday, 25 December. All entry forms and race information are available on www.otbsport.com.