Racial killing rocks Khorixas

By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

A 70-year-old white businessman, Willie de Jager and his 39-year-old son were arrested on December 21 in connection with the murder of Zachariah Nangoro (56) whom they allegedly struck on the head with blunt object on November 20 in what Swapo Khorixas region coordinator, Ellis Geiriseb described as a moment racial reckoning.

According to a medical report in Confidente’s possession, Nangoro succumbed to his injuries on November 22 in hospital after being struck on the head with a blunt object with undetermined intent.

Geiriseb said racism was rife in the region and the authorities tried to cover up this murder incident.

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“He was murdered by his employer in November last year and as if that was not enough, the people in the area including the police tried to cover this up. People were clearly taking sides and no autopsy was immediately done.

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Justice failed to take its course as those living in poverty and cannot afford legal representation are always faced with dealing with justice system loopholes.

“It took close to a month for the culprits to be arrested and had his family not realised his head was deformed after being struck, the police would not have investigated this case,” he said.

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Geiriseb said there was a clear indication that even after independence the relationship between the former colonisers and the colonised had remained the same.

“I know the ways of the whites, they regard themselves as superior. After all, this man was working for him to earn money, they could have resolved this matter peacefully regardless of what was happening,” Geiriseb said.

Speaking to Confidente, Finance and Public Enterprise Deputy Minister, Marueen Hinda-Mbuende said it was unfortunate that the arrest only happened almost a month after the brutal killing.

“I understand they literally pulled the body away from the murder scene to a nearby bushy area.

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It reminds me of the apartheid days when the life of a black man was equal to an animal and could be beaten to death with no consequences to the perpetrator,” Hinda-Mbuende added.

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The deceased’s brother, Ricardo Nangoro (49) told Confidente his brother was the family’s sole breadwinner.