Rapists and robber on the run after jailbreak

By Confidente Reporter

THE police in the Erongo region reported this week that three trial-awaiting suspects who were detained in the holding cells at Henties Bay had escaped from custody on Saturday last week after cutting through the bars on the cell door and roof.

Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu noted that at around 17h00 on Saturday four trial awaiting prisoners managed to cut open the burglar bars of the cell’s iron door and also cut through burglar bars on the roof at Henties Bay holding cells with an unknown object and escaped through the roof.

The three escaped men include two who were charged with rape, and one robbery suspect.

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Johny Nuseb, a 19-year-old had been arrested at Mondesa in connection with a rape charge.

Josef Ganaseb (24) it appears has been in custody since 2016 on a number of charges, including two cases of assault GBH and a charge of rape, dating back to December 2016. The third escapee, Andreas David (21) was first charged in August 2018 with robbery.

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Late on Monday, this weekthe police reported that one the three escapees, Johannes Nuseb, was back in custody as he had been re-arrested after he was identified in Swakopmund.

In a further related development, at Karibib 32-year-old Ricky Goagoseb managed in March this year to evade his police escort at the courthouse and to escape from custody as they were leaving the Karibib Magistrate’s Court. Goagoseb was, however re-arrested in Windhoek this week.

The police have called on members of the public who have knowledge of the whereabouts of the two escaped suspects from Henties Bay holding cells to contact Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu on 0812464757 or Detective Warrant Officer Sakaria Shikalepo, the unit commander of the police at Henties Bay on 0812735662 or to contact the nearest police station.