Rapper trends after ‘The Silence’

By Rosalia David

UPCOMING rapper Monika Kandenge also known as Babii has leapt to fame after featuring on award winning musician Exit’s new album titled ‘The Silence’.

Kandenge blew up on social media after producer DJ Kboz tweeted: “Babii killed Exit on his own project”.

After the release of the song titled ‘Da Barron’ the name Babii continued to pop up on every news feed on different social media platforms with music fans praising her verse in the song.

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In an interview with Confidente this week, Kandenge said she is still overwhelmed by the response she received so far as she had to jump on the beat unplanned.

“When I did the song, I had not met Exit and I was nervous. Kboz tasked me to complete the song and I did it whole heartedly. When I got in the studio with him for the first time, my heart was full when I saw his reaction because it was priceless.

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I can’t think of a better hip hop album done with the best of the country’s young rappers,” she said.

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Asked on how many tracks she has so far under her belt, Kandenge explained how difficult it is for her to juggle between music and work at the same time.

She said if she could release all the music that she has recorded so far, she would have dropped three albums already.

“I have been so hard at work that I could drop three albums if I had to release but within this recording time, I have learned to be patient and that practice makes perfect.

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I want to give Namibia the best,” she noted.

Kandenge went on to give props to music saying that it is a blessing to her while promising to officially debut her music journey with a full-track album.

Apart from music, she is also in the aviation industry and currently pushing towards gaining a high level pilot licence.

“I have been flying since 2017 and I can’t think of a better way to live than travel the world and take my music with me,” she said, adding that her music is inspired by her lifestyle and what she strives to achieve – her wins and losses.

“My music is all about positive energy and just a vibe for all the ladies and gentlemen out there reminding them of the good they bring into this world,” she further highlighted.

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