Ras Sheehama to release album on his birthday

By Rosalia David

LEGENDARY reggae artist Ras Sheehama has mentioned that he will be releasing a six-track album to honour his 55th birthday this year.

In an exclusive interview with Confidente, Sheehama said he will be celebrating by hosting a birthday bash accompanied by an album launch in June.

“Turning 55 is a big number for me and I want to celebrate the day with music. I have four songs already, I just need to record two more and then we are done. This is the only big thing I am working on this year,” he said.

Although he has mentioned that the album will be released in June, he could not give the title of the project yet as it is still in the production phase saying that details will be availed once it is completed.

Asked on who to expect being featured on his next ‘big thing’ Sheehama said he loved going solo on most of the album.

“I give one hour and 40 minutes of my time on stage and when I am there, I don’t like to be distracted. If I do a song with a big guy like Gazza, Tate Buti, The Dogg or Exit and the song blows up, people end up demanding for that song and I need now to go look for the person I featured again.”

He added that, he does not mind featuring other musicians but rather on commercial songs.

Sheehama went on to say that even though he enjoys his alone time on stage, he is open to feature other musicians. “I am available. I am here free for anyone who wants to do good urban music.”

In addition, he urges young musicians to continue finding ways to navigate through the pandemic to remain relevant.

“It is tough but for younger musicians, for them not to faint within the needy greedy of time, remain busy, try these live Instagram performance things or go to companies and get N$5 000 sponsorship … just do it. Don’t just sit idle because if you disappear for one year, Namibian people tend to forget because new people are obviously coming in.”

Sheehama further stressed that doing nothing can cause a musician’s downfall hence the need to keep the mind busy.

He said, “We are musicians and we get crazy when we don’t work. If I don’t have a concert and I see that it has been six months down the line and I didn’t get anything, my brain starts itching.”