RDP leaders at loggerheads over party affairs


RALLY for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Parliamentarian, Mike Kavekotora is accused of failing to answer questions and account for the disappearance of N$ 15 million since becoming the party’s Secretary General in 2013.

RDP member, Vilho Shikwamanda, who serves in the party’s Central Committee told Confidente he and three other members, Lukas Shiyoleni, Stephanus Lukas and Martha Endjala have been asking Kavekotora to provide party financial statements since 2019 but Kavekotora has not been forthcoming regarding the party’s finances.

Shikwamanda, alleged that ever since Kavetokora became Secretary General, a total of N$ 15 million cannot be accounted for, and Kavekotora together with Nicanor Ndjoze who are the main signatories to the party’s account could not provide answers as to how the money was spent.

“The party banks with First National Bank (FNB), but there was a time when they transferred the party’s money to a Bank Windhoek account and later transferred it back to FNB, for what reason was this done? we don’t know,” Shikwamanda alleged.

He further accused Kavekotora of using party funds to renovate his farm in the Kunene region, and at the same time accused Ndjoze of using party funds to pay for his studies.

“We did not open a case or report them to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) yet, because the party wants to give them enough time to come clean by themselves.

When contacted for a comment, Ndjoze refuted the allegations and said that he had nothing to do with the missing funds and whoever is claiming such things is lying.

“That is total rubbish, I never took any money from the party to pay for my studies. Please name that person that told such lies about me so I deal with them properly. Because that is defamation of character and such allegations really need to be taken seriously,” Ndjoze said.

Kavekotora has also denied the allegations and said Shikwamanda is not acting by himself but on the instructions of Kandy Nehova who is “hell bent” on destroying RDP.

He further alleged that Nehova wants him out.

“Nehova has already lost three court cases so I don’t know what else he is trying to prove. If they are saying that I took money from the party, tell them to report me to ACC. We have audited financial statements by Saunderson & Co. Where do you think such money will come from? The party has never had such amount of money since I became Secretary General.

“Nehova thinks this party belongs to ‘wamboes’ only. Tell him that this Himba will not let them destroy RDP, he can go to hell” Kavekotora remarked.

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