Report violation from officials-Lutombi

… as MVA launches festive season safe driving campaign


• By Tracy Tafirenyika and JO-MARIE ORTNER

ROADS Authority (RA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Conrad Lutombi has urged members of public to report violations from law enforcement officials when traveling on national roads.

Lutombi made the remarks at an engagement where RA unveiled rebranded 26 vehicles in the form of 23 sedans and three single cabs.

He said the rebranding exercise was funded by the Road Fund Administration (RFA) and was done via the AVIS Fleet Services on an existing Service Level Agreement.

“A total of 26 vehicles (23 Sedan Vehicles and 3 Single cabs) were rebranded at a total cost of N$602 500. The rebranding was funded by the Road Fund Administration and it was done via the AVIS Fleet Services on an existing Service Level Agreement. Going forward, all new vehicles will be supplied with the new branding.

“We want to use this opportunity to inform public members to identify our vehicles with the new brand and report moving violations from our Law Enforcement officials as and when travelling on our national road network. As you all know, road traffic accidents on our road network are claiming lives of, especially, the most productive groups in our society, namely the youth. Coupled with the high fatality rate is the loss of valuable property,” he stated.

Lutombi furthermore stated that, rebranding of our law enforcement vehicles was initiated with the aim of enhancing the Transport Inspectorate’s identity and visibility.

“Accordingly, the SADC region’s law enforcement identity was incorporated in line with the Tripartite Transport and Transit Facilitation Program (TTTFP). Moreover, this rebranding is part of the harmonisation process to enhance the SADC regional law enforcement identity and part of alignment pertaining to corridor joint law enforcement operations.

“In addition, it is part of our Integrated Strategic Business Plan 2023-2026 to capacitate our Transport Inspectorate Division with both digital solutions and intelligent law enforcement systems such as automation at weighbridges, onboard speed cameras and e-force equipment.”


Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Veikko Nekundi this week officially launched the festive season road safety campaign which will run from November 22 to January 20 next year.

Held under the theme # DoTheRightThingAndSaveLives, the joint campaign was launched in-conjunction with the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) together with the National Road Safety Council, Namibian Police and other road safety.

The campaign acts as a stepping stone for RFA’s end goal of reducing vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities by 50 percent by the year 2030.

In his keynote address, Nekundi highlighted the seriousness of road and emphasised that efforts needed to be put in as the festive season approaches to ensure that precaution is taken against those who do not abide by road safety standards.

“It is during the festive season where more people travel and there is a higher rate of road accidents,” he said.