Restoration of human dignity

…as church partners Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare to assist disabled man


• By Confidente reporter

RESTORATION of human dignity rhymes with something a preacher could entitle his/her Sunday sermon but for Eternal Life Worship City’s Prophet, Martinien Elamenji it is calling which has been bestowed upon his soul.

Fueled by the scripture, “Give and it shall be given back unto you,” Prophet Elamenji has been on a mission to give a helping hand to those in need of one.

Recently, Eternal Life Worship City and its partners were in Rehoboth where they handed over sanitary pads to young girls who could afford them by themselves.

“I was moved by a story of a young woman who took her t-shirt and cut it, to use as sanitary pads. After hearing this, I ensemble my team travelled to Rehoboth where we handed over sanitary pads to young girls from the town.  We gave sanitary pads not only to young people but also gave food parcels to a number of people. Due to the tough economic situation prevailing in the country, it is up to us as a society to assist those in need of assistance,” he said.

Apart from Rehoboth, Elamenji together with his team also offered a helping hand to Babylon residents in Windhoek where theyhanded over food parcel.

“We have young mothers who are left to fend for their children on their own, we have unemployed youth who are struggling to make ends meet. The church sees this as an ample opportunity to show the grace of God by showing love for one another. With love, we can help the country’s youth to change their ways and become responsible people. All over the world, economies are under pressure, it is for the church and other civic organisations to band together to help our communities.

“Our aim is to help the youth, the elderly and the disabled in these trying times. We urge well-wishers to join our program as we continue to identify areas where we can assist build our future generation,” he said.

Prophet Elamenji and his church together with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare recently gave a specialised N$ 40 000 wheelchair which was imported from South Africa to a disabled man from Dorabis.

According to Elamenji, the man had been using the wheelbarrow as means of transportation for most of his life and the church as a vehicle of God’s love and inspiration helped secure a wheelchair for him.

“We worked together with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare and my church partners to deliver a speciliased wheelchair. Many thanks to Deputy Minister, Bernadette Maria Jagger and church partners for joining our efforts. We also have in the past given blankets and food parcels to this individual and will continue to assist him,” he said.

Prophet Elamenji said the church was planning a Christmas party to be held in Katutura on December 24.