Review: Ethnix drops sensual music video

• By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN music duo Ethnix comprising of Page and Etjo has kicked off the year with a bang releasing stunning and sensual visuals this week for the song ‘All night’ shot by Spectrum Media.

The video was directed by Thank-You Kanime and opens with a scene of Page and the model Maggy Joseph caressing one another giving a warning message that proclaims, “Repeat viewing may lead to a pregnancy”.

From there, Page goes all-out and over-the-top with his displays of sexiness and much more.

The video looks like it was made in the most intimate of spaces, and through watching it you are likely to experience his innermost thoughts, just saying!

Etjo on the other hand her sound on ‘All night’ is seductive and hushed, and she adopts a poise that can easily draw a cult following.

The video makes it much easier to watch when one understands the explicit lyrics that are evidently speaking about a passionate moment between two people.

This video is a romantic story which comes at a time when the ‘month of love’ is slowly approaching making it a perfect hit at the right time.

This video will definitely get the girls and boys running!

The music video launched on Monday has over 12 000 views.

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Last year, the duo celebrated one million views on YouTube for their single titled ‘Open Up’ released in May.

In just four months the video surpassed one million views, potentially making it Namibia’s fastest-ever music video to get such recognition from fans.

The duo is currently on a tour performing in all clubs in Windhoek while planning on another music tour to other towns across Namibia.

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