Rising gospel muso releases debut single

By Rosalia David

BUDDING gospel artist Lois Shatipamba has released her first single titled ‘Ndagupifwa’ which means ‘I am saved’.

In an interview with Confidente, the artist described her music as a great weapon to fight evil and social ills hence why she strictly focuses only on gospel music.

“I only do gospel music because I believe the genre is able to change lives because of the word of God. I am now ready to release my first album,” she said. Shatipamba went on to say that she has been working towards releasing her debut album for a while however funds have been one of her major challenges.

“Things are a little better now, at least now I have a manager who believes in my art and is willing to invest what he can in it,” she further stated.

Even though she is working towards obtaining a qualification in Business Administration, she said spreading the word of God through her music will become her priority.

Asked on how her latest single has been received, the musician said the feedback she had received so far has been overwhelming hence why she is now inspired to drop more songs to earn her spot in the local music industry.

On the other challenges she faces as a gospel artist in an industry mostly dominated by other genres such as Amapiano and Kwaito, Shatipamba said her fan base was slowly but steadily growing.

“People still don’t know me so even when one releases a song, it is hard to get it played anywhere but I have plans to shoot a video that will allow me to get interviews on shows like Whatagwan,” she noted.

Although the title of the upcoming album is not yet known, she said the launch could take place towards the end of the year.

Asked on how she juggles between being a wife, student and artist, she said God’s faith keeps her going on a daily basis. “God is in control of everything,” Shatipamba concluded.