‘Road to Success’ struggles to secure funding

• By Rosalia David

A short story written by Mburombua Tjipundi ‘Road to success’ is struggling to secure production funding after its voluntary producer passed on.

Speaking to Confidente, Tjipundi said she is now looking for another production company that will help narrate her story.

“I got a chance to shoot a trailer that was sponsored by Bank Windhoek whereby after this we were supposed to shoot the whole movie.

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But unfortunately at the time when we were raising the funds, the person who was to shoot the movie passed away and we couldn’t carry on with the project which brought me back to square one looking for production companies to fund my project,” she said.

So far, Tjipundi said she has managed to host a gala dinner for fundraising but most people that pledged funds on the day have not honoured their pledges “yet the gala dinner went well with the assistance of Vice President Nangolo Mbumba and Miss Elina from his office.

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Road to Success tells a story of a Namibian girl born and raised in the small town of Opuwo situated in Kunene region.

“Being a Himba taught me that you can have boiled water and get to bed, waking up fine the next day finding soft porridge on the table afterwards, going to herd the livestock and coming back home late, and that was okay for us. Growing up, wasn’t easy on my side especially from my background, I had a vision of myself being the mirror of my society and this made me see and face life in a different way and write this story,” the author explained.

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According to Tjipundi, her film is merely to advise the youth not to allow growing up circumstances  define their future.

“Being a Himba and growing up knowing that my dream would never come true was not easy and currently I’m in a foreign country finding my purpose.

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Nothing good comes easy. It hurts when I have nothing to eat but I always see how far I have come and there’s no turning back and believe me if you have people that believe in your talent, you will go far. Let us help each other bring this story to life,” she said.

Tjipundi is currently a student studying Medical Laboratory Technology at CT University in India.

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“The dream is to put the Namibian film industry close to South Africa.

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It’s not easy when your stories are not told because every day you have to explain yourself to people,” she added.

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