Rock ‘n’ Roll experience with Prime Circle

• By Confidente Reporter

MINDSCAPE Events Namibia in partnership with Avani Windhoek Hotel and Casino, will on April 2 bring Rock ‘N’ Roll Namibia, a jam filled live concert powered by Radio Wave and headlined by South African rock sensation band, Prime Circle.

The concert is anticipated to be the biggest so far this year and expects to bring to the revellers the best of spicy jams and an unforgettable musical experience.

“Before the main act, Mindscape will have a list of some of the very best, tried and tested local musicians, most of whom have been in studios cutting brand new musical gems ready for belting out once the pandemic is over,” said Mindscape Events director, Gordon Jay.

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“We seek to reclaim our pre-pandemic entertainment experiences, letting loose and coming together, friends and family, just to free our minds and start the year on a higher note under the new normal.

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The five-member rock ensemble, Prime Circle, needs no introduction in the hall of entertainment.

Ever since they debuted in 2002, they have stormed through South Africa’s musical scene to lead a thrilling career that has now spanned 17 years.
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Along the way, they have bagged a series of awards which have positioned them as musical geniuses that have kept alive an iconic musical genre which has survived the test of time, disrupted cultures with positive vibrations and turned men and women into legends.
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And now Namibia is about to be hit with a test of their cultured, well-nurtured sounds some of which have been chart-topping hits in South Africa.

Said the band ahead of the event, “It may have taken some time, and we have all been through so much, but the long and winding roads have finally led to this. Welcome to the detour.”

“Prime Circle is taking the road to be reunited with the places and faces they love the most, playing music for the people, their people. The band will be embarking on a tour of epic proportions and after being away for so long, it’s time to get personal.”

Namibians with an appetite for Rock ‘n’ Roll must look-forward to wailing guitars, fiery acoustics and positive dramatic scenes of a live performance.