Romi’s dynamic rap style

By Rosalia David

FOLLOWING the release of her new single titled ‘Attitude’, which has been making waves, the rapper Romi has revealed that she is working on a new album to be released on her birthday on 1 June.

Although she gave Confidente a foretaste of her upcoming release, the hyperactive artist said the title of the album can only be revealed after the track-list has been finalised. She says ‘Attitude’ is a track that talks about having a positive attitude towards life and the punches it throws at us.

Besides that, the rapper who delivers her rhymes in her mother tongue Khoekhoegowab (Damara-Nama) and English also featured on Cassidy Karon’s latest hit titled ‘Chains’, which scooped a nomination in the Best Hip Hop category in this year’s NAMAs.

Speaking to Confidente about the feature, she described the song ‘Chain’ as the most hyper energetic collaboration she has ever done. “I was working abroad for most of 2019, Cassidy contacted me to work with him on a feature for his debut album titled ‘80s Mercedes.’ This is when we birthed ‘Chains.’ It was mad fun working with him because our energies simply vibe. We have since dropped a music video for the feature and his album has been nominated for numerous categories for NAMA 2020,” she said.

As to what makes her music unique, she said the combination of her energy, message, rap style, and the language makes her work exclusive.

“To say that I have a lot of energy is an understatement. I’m hyperactive and it definitely comes across in my music and my stage presence. I flow in and out of fast-paced and normal paced rap styles. I like to put character and personality into my raps as I am a very animated individual,” she said.

She added that the mixture between her playful use of English and the clicks in her mother tongue are also a winning recipe for uniqueness.

“I like to play. Words are my tools of choice, and music is my playground. I started writing music when I was 12. My first rap was to differentiate my class, the 6A from the rest of the sixth graders. It was very juvenile. My main influence at the time, was Eminem. That’s why I used to rap so fast.”

Apart from music, Romi currently works as a data analytics consultant and aims to soon become a seasoned data scientist. She is also a brand ambassador for PEBL PC.

“I was one of the 700 Mandela Washington Fellows selected in 2018 out of about 60,000 who applied. I was in the Business and Entrepreneurship track and I was placed with the Red McCombs School of Business in Austin, Texas where I participated in an entrepreneurship institute. I now serve as an alumna for the Young African Leaders Initiative, which was founded by President Barack Obama in 2014.”

She is also a newly appointed member of the Global Shapers Windhoek Hub which aims to tackle the challenges that inhabitants of Windhoek face. “I’m new so i need some time to get acquainted with all that is in the pipeline on Shaper matters,” she noted.