Ronaldo and the violin

By Rosalia David

VIOLINIST Ronaldo Kandume is not new to the music scene. He managed to make a name for himself pushing his art to the limit with displays of dexterity and musicality at a young age.
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He is one of a few local violinists to represent Namibia abroad, performing in places such as Germany and Switzerland.

This week, Confidente caught up with the much talked about violinist in-order to gain an insight into his musical path. With a musical career that started at a tender age, Kandume decided to take his passion seriously and joined an art school in 2009, the Arts Performance Center (APC) in Tsumeb.

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“I had a friend who was attending classes at APC and I followed him one day and as we walked in the corridor of the centre, there was a particular sound I liked and figured where it’s coming from, just to get to the class [and see that ] it was someone playing a violin,” he said.

He then decided to ask the teacher and owner of the centre, Lis Lidler, if he could also learn to play the violin and has not looked back since.
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Although his musical journey started at a young age, he said he remained focused on pushing the boundaries to make sure that his name becomes a household name. His breakthrough came in 2017 when he went on a musical tour to Germany, which boosted his profile.

“In 2017 people started to give a bit of attention to my work, interviews started coming in and everything just started going well. I was also invited to perform at State House that same year,” he said.

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Apart from touring abroad, he has worked with big-name local musicians such as Gazza and Suzy Eises.

“I do a lot of international covers and people always ask me why I don’t do local ones and I tell them that it doesn’t sound nice playing the violin on top of an artist’s voice, local musicians hardly release instrumental versions of their songs,” he explained.

About the projects he is currently working on, he said: “For now, I have been working with the Marimba group from Tsumeb and I would really want to urge everyone to check it out and make sure they get [the album] once it is out. My future plan is to work with [more] international musicians.”