Roots Agric College’s paradigm shift in farming and entrepreneurship

Confidente Reporter

NEWLY launched Agriculture institution Roots College is driven to provide agriculture students with a paradigm shift in farming practices and entrepreneurship while delivering integrated, unified, flexible, and highly qualitative education and training.

Dedicated to crafting solutions on both local and international fronts, Roots Agriculture College is committed to providing vocational education in agriculture, with a specialized focus on Flora and Fauna science.

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The college is geared toward empowering the next generation with the skills needed to leverage precision farming and cutting-edge technologies, fostering food security, creating job opportunities, and ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.

Roots College will officially begin its faculty on February 26 and offer two certificates: Plant Production (NQF level 4) and Animal Production (NQF level 4). The launch of such a multi-purpose vehicle has already piqued the interest of many, with the College administration getting requests from local people and beyond Namibia.

Operated by JHM Education Technology in partnership with South Africa’s Pertum Agric Institute, the college will offer South African Qualifications (SAQA) but is working to acquire Namibian accreditation from the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA).

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According to Roots College Project Manager Yelithileni Kapolo, the institution aims to empower agricultural enthusiasts by offering a thorough practical education in agriculture.

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