RP Call for the Postponement of Votes on IHR and Pandemic Treaty

• By Allexer Namundjembo

The Republican Party of Namibia (RP) has requested a postponement of the votes on
the amendments and thus on the IHR and the New Pandemic Treaty (Accord) at the upcoming meeting of the World Health Assembly.

Henk Mudge, President of the RP, has said that the latest announcement by the WHO that they want member countries to agree to over 300 amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and that they are also going to introduce what they call a new Pandemic Treaty under the World Health Organization’s Constitution should be postponed.

Mudge said even though the WHO and its Globalist partners, amongst others, the World Economic Forum, George Soros, Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation must have realized that they failed with their artificial COVID-19 pandemic to have
the desired impact.

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