RuralRise call PM to expedite drought relief

Eslien Tsuses, founder and CEO of RuralRise, has called the Prime Minister’s office to ensure transparency in drought relief distribution.
Tsuses thanked the President for declaring drought a state of emergency and added that the Prime minister must ensure the relief food reaches the intended beneficiaries.
“We are calling on the Prime minister to monitor food distribution closely. Her office must ensure that the relief reaches the intended beneficiaries, and no drought relief products must end up rotten in the warehouse. At the same time, the community perish due to hunger,” Tsuses said.

Tsuses added that the state of emergency declaration allows the government to expedite the allocation of resources, implement drought relief measures, mobilize emergency food aid, provide water access solutions, and support livestock farmers facing immense challenges.
“As an organization that believes in the power of community-led development, we truly hope that this declaration will facilitate greater community involvement in decision-making processes, ensuring that the voices of those most affected by the drought are heard and their needs addressed”, she added.
While immediate government relief is crucial and applauded, long-term interventions are needed to build more resilient rural communities.

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