S-man back with a bang

By Rosalia David

AWARD winning Afrikaans rapper Lee-Roy Pieters popularly known as S-man has released a single titled ‘Hulleverstaannie’ from his upcoming album scheduled for release later this year.

In a telephonic interview following the release of the single which in English translates to ‘They won’t understand’ Pieters, after taking a two-year break from music, has promised his fans with a fire album.

“I have been quiet for two years trying to find new sound and bring Afrikaans to Namibia that was never produced or performed before because this is sound that no Afrikaans artist in the land of the brave is currently doing,” he said.

The single was released on Tuesday accompanied by exciting visuals and is dedicated to all mothers and fathers who choose/ arrange partners for their children.

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“The song is just about a guy telling the girlfriend that he loves her so much even though her parents do not approve of his love. Sometimes you can love someone but when their mother decides that you are not the one for their daughter then there is nothing one can do,” he said.

Pieters went on to say that, sometimes, love alone is just not enough adding that sons in-law nowadays are only accepted when they have money or a particular high ranking job.

“You can love someone but if the mother wants her daughter to get married to a doctor and not a gardener, it is part of life.

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In this song, I am simply just saying ‘your parents won’t understand how much I care and love you’” he explained.

Asked on how the single has been received so far, Pieters said, being away from music for some time and getting good responses on the song is incredible.

“When you have not released music for some time, people end up forgetting you but to get so may good responses on the video and the song especially from elderly people is amazing,” he said.

Pieters said ‘Hullevertaannie’ is being widely played by the more mature.

With Afrikaans hip-hop on the rise in Namibia, Pieters has been the man who has been representing both the language and the genre.