Sage Smoke’s EP aims to heal, inspire

By Rosalia David

EXPRESSIONIST and holistic healer Sage Smoke, better known as Beauty Boois is healing and inspiring through her recently released EP. It consists of five tracks which teaches one to have fun with self-care, prioritising self-love and that everyone has the ability to heal themselves.

According to Boois, the Heal EP was released 12 December 2019, and the tracks are in the form of floetry (a genre that encompasses a mix of music and poetry), basically a poetic flow over a beat. Boois said, “People should understand that poetry offers a form of healing and release for both writer and reader or performer and audience.”

She says poetry or any form of art has the ability to educate, to inspire and to heal on a deep level that transcends the realm. “We are all poets capable of putting out inspiring art if only we would give ourselves a chance to express freely and, therefore, I think it is very important for people who don’t listen to poet to start giving themselves a chance to.”

The poetry bug bit Boois at a young age as she grew up in a house full of creatives.

“I grew up surrounded by books, which were either gifted to me by my mother or written by my father. Both my parents are creatives, they are storytellers, my people (Damara/Nama) are innate storytellers, it’s in my blood! I started writing stories and poems when I was nine years old and it’s been the most consistent thing in my life,” she explained.

Her EP was well received as many people reached out to applaud her on completion of the five-track project. Although she is one of the poets that have been consistent in her production, she said writers block catches her at times. “But that is one thing I also feel can be overcome with writing, whether you’re motivated or inspired to or not, just do it,” she said.