Salty borehole water for Oshikoto residents

•By Allexer Namundjembo

OKANKOLO Constituency Councillor Hans Nambodi says the government is striving to supply clean water to the region.

He said efforts to address water concerns in the region would include constructing the Omutsegwonime-Okankolo pipeline project, which is scheduled to begin soon. This comes as residents of the Okankolo and Nehale LyaMpingana constituencies in the Oshikoto region expressed worries over the lack of safe drinking water and are relying primarily on boreholes.

Nambodi expressed that water scarcity remains a crisis in their region. “We still rely on boreholes in our constituency. The government has drilled boreholes, but we can still not drink from them because the water is too salty,” he explained.

Nambodi said having boreholes in Omeyantalala was helpful but highlighted that residents are sometimes forced to travel long distances to the boreholes.

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