Sand mining resumes after short hiatus at Oniipa

… residents threaten more action


By Marx Itamalo

FIVE days after the sand mining pit in Ondando village of Oniipa town was closed because of a fight that happened there last week, activities at the site resumed this Tuesday.

Confidente gathered on Tuesday that trucks started transporting sand from the site on that morning despite a temporary ban of such activity.

Oniipa constituency councillor Tulipohamba Nuunyango last week ordered the pit closed after a physical altercation between anti-sand mining activist Jesaya Nambundunga and Ondangwa-based businessman Petrus Shambo. at the pit.

Nambundunga and Shambo fought after quarreling over a fence that was erected at the site to prevent trucks from entering the pit. Nambundunga and several villagers had erected the barricade as they are opposed to sand mining in their village.

This allegedly angered Shambo and fellow business people entangled in sand mining, causing them to forcefully remove the fence. It was this removal that saw the two men engage in a fist fight.

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