Saxophonist imparting skills to youngsters

By Rosalia David

WITH the entertainment industry hard hit by Covid-19, saxophone goddess Suzy Eises has found an alternative way to make extra bucks through teaching young Namibians how to play music instruments.

In an interview with Confidente, Suzy said offering online classes was the only way to make money as gigs have been put on hold for longer than expected.

“Honestly, there has been a lack of work and gigs for me during Covid-19. As a musician and regular gigging artist, it was getting tough so I found a new way of making an income,” she said.

Although making money was the first thing she thought about when she initiated the saxophone online classes, she added, her passion for music had also been a driving force.

“Teaching has helped a lot and keeps me busy. I teach piano and saxophone online and in person.

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I also teach internationally (online).

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I have a US student, some South African students and a student from the UK living in Italy. I am using this time to be creative and make more music.”

Suzy currently teaches more than seven students each paying N$800 and uses her personal space as a class to those going for face to face lessons.

“The number keeps growing. It has been a very special experience for me because I learnt the importance of teaching sooner than later.

I always expected to teach at a later stage in my life, but there has been a growing interest to learn saxophone and piano and I am grateful that I can earn a second income from teaching,” she explained, adding that the pandemic taught her to think outside the box and use her skills to earn a living without waiting for Covid-19 to one day be a thing of the past.

Describing her experience of being a music teacher, Suzy said, “I never thought teaching would be this much fun, but it’s great to see students progress and make them feel proud of themselves and what they are learning.

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“At the moment, I am teaching at home, so I am working on moving to a teaching space or building where I can grow even more. I would also like to extend my training to underprivileged and unemployed passionate youths.

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My challenge is providing instruments for learners as they cost more than N$7 000 each. I am hoping that there will be support from companies and music enthusiasts so I may be able to teach these youths at no cost”.