Say no to baby dumping

By Rosalia David

IN light of recent reports on babies dumped and discarded in the most horrific places or facing tragic deaths within hours of being born, flushed down toilets, chucked into garbage bins and discarded in bushes throughout the country, it is about time to ask ourselves what is being done to address this problem in Namibia.

I think the nation at large, without pointing fingers at government, should come up with necessary ways to create public awareness on seeking help with an unwanted pregnancy and I think we somehow need to create more shelters and places of safety for unwanted babies.

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Of course we can put the blame for as long as we like on these women and their apparently questionable morals, or rather censure the runaway fathers who impregnated them, yet the question remains: what exactly has been our collective role as a society in trying to put an end to baby dumping?

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It’s high time we start considering the women who resort to such extreme and desperate measures, and discuss the possible reasons that could drive an individual to harm an innocent and defenseless infant

As much as it is a huge crime to dump a baby, could these acts be a cry for help?

Research I have seen suggests that most babies are dumped by young mothers, which is indeed an indication that there is a great need for support initiatives to assist young pregnant women and children, to show that there are alternatives and facilities in place to prevent infanticide and baby dumping, and give more support and reassurance.

Although the feelings they might have felt when pregnant cannot excuse the murder of a child, young mothers usually feel dazed by the idea of parenthood or go through a massive shock when they find out that they are pregnant, especially if they have been involved in ‘undercover dating’.

Which comes back to the importance of communication between parents and their children, who they suspect of being sexually active.

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Of course, the idea of hiding a pregnancy could automatically drive anyone into depression, and when a person is depressed so many ideas cross the mind – at least that is what I think.

Getting pregnant at a young age might feel like it is the end of the world, but trust me, it is not. Start by accepting that what is done is done’ and work towards being a better person to provide for your child, and if you are unable to provide for the baby seek help, because discarding or killing your own flesh and blood can never be a good option, no matter what.

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It is obvious that when one has unprotected sexual intercourse there are consequences involved, accept the ‘mistake’ and dust yourself off, remember there are many people out there who managed to still complete their schooling and further their studies after falling pregnant.