Second pride edition popping

By Rosalia David

THE second edition of the Pride Pop Up and live music expo which took place last weekend saw the LGBT community showing up in huge numbers to celebrate while enjoying live performances by musicians such as R&B singer Michael Pulse.

In an interview with Confidente, Pride Pop Up public relations manager Gerhard Samuel expressed gratitude towards the amount of people who turned up at the event adding that even those who do not belong to the LGBT community attended to support.

“During the day, we had small businesses selling their products or doing face beats and so many other things. Some people attended during the day just to support the initiative or to grab a few items,” he said.

He added that although many people wanted to attend the event, they could only allow 50 people inside and the other people were left standing outside the venue.

“We didn’t want our event to be stopped by the police so we tried our best. It was an amazing night, it is a good feeling to see the community having the best time of their lives, comfortable and with no one judging them.”

According to Samuel, now that the second edition is out of the way, they will be organising another one in Swakopmund in June.

He said people from the coast and other towns are always interested in attending but it is inconvenient for them to travel to Windhoek for a day show.

“We had people who came from the North and the coast but they were suggesting we also host it that side (in their towns). The event is for everyone,” he said.

Asked on the impact that the event has brought to the LGBT community ever since its inception, he said, the Pride Pop-Up is not only a platform for entrepreneurs to sell and promote their products but to instil confidence in many as well.

“It has definitely somehow contributed to the confidence of many people from the community just to celebrate their pride and to simply tell people that ‘hey we are here and we are going nowhere, we are also humans,” said Samuel.

He said for an occasion which was started by young people without any sponsorship, the support has been overwhelming so far.

“It was a success I would say,” he added.

Amongst those who performed at the event were Tangeni Giggz, Topcheri and Karishma.