Security guards blast NEFF

• By Hilary Mare

SECURITY Association of Namibia (SAN) which represents some 260 security companies employing close to 20 000 security officers countrywide has castigated the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) for calling for Namibia Protection Services (NPS) guards to go on what the association has termed an ‘illegal strike’.

President of the association, Dawid Nuuyoma in a statement this week said the association was appalled by the incident that transpired on May 9 of the illegal strike incitement -minor as it may appear- has brought economic and legal consequential implications to the contractual service delivery of NPS, which is one of the reputable employers and complies with the national minimum wage for security guards and officers.

NEFF allegedly incited security guards to strike during a parade.

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“SAN strongly distances itself from any such action and we deem it unconstitutional according to the Labour Act No 11 of 2007 and urges all security officers employed by its members to refrain to be drawn into unlawful strikes as such acts or actions can and may lead to severe internal disciplinary action in line with the Namibian Labour Act No. 11 of 2007.

“In the same vein, SAN would like to inform the public and any other stakeholders that as per the extension Collective Agreement within the security industry, Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia 15 September 2017 No.

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6414 under subsection (5) of section 71 of the Labour Act, 2007 Act No. 11, our registered members with SAN do adhere to the agreement through a signed declaration required by our client’s compliance list,” Nuuyoma said adding the association is on continuous engagements with the Wage Commission as prescribed by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Government Gazette 15 February 2021 No.7461.

He went on to say that the Security Association of Namibia would like to plead with its members and stakeholders to continue working together as has been the case, and not to allow any form of political influence, as negotiations and discussions are still ongoing to address the several issues that continue to impact the sector.

“In view of the above, SAN still awaits feedback and guidance from the Wage Commission and the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment Creation on the prescribed minimum wage for the security industry going forward. The association also pleads for the intervention of the relevant stakeholders and the MOLIREC pertaining to illegal strikes to be brought to book as this instigates anarchy and possible riots within the Republic of Namibia.

“As much as SAN does not condone the contravention of the minimum wage for security officers and guards, we at the same time find it difficult to fathom the actions of a political party in labour matters shunning standing procedures and laws of a sovereign country.

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With our oversight as SAN, it should be stated that the regulation of the Namibia security industry sits solely with the Ministry of Safety and Security through the SESORB-Security Enterprises and Security Officers Act 19 of 1998 and is part of essential services,” further explained Nuuyoma.

SAN members are obligated to comply with the Association’s Constitution, the Labour

Act 11 of 2007, SESORB and any other law and regulations governing the industry.

“It is at this juncture that SAN also questions the Ministry of Labour, Electoral

Commission of Namibia (ECN) and both Houses of the Parliament, on the legitimacy

Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) possesses as a political party to

contravene the above-mentioned legal framework at a cost of private security companies,” he said.

Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters leader Epafras Mukwiilongo this week refused to comment on the matter saying that he was yet to see the utterances of Nuuyoma.