Seibeb accuse journalists of political bias

• By Terence Mukasa

Journalists are biased and only report on stories from political parties of their interest, Henny Seibeb Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Deputy President has alleged.

Seibeb made the scathing attack on the media in Swakopmund this week, stating that LPM has no trust in journalists because journalist brushed aside the LPM’s President Bernadus Swartbooi’s rise to the Pan African parliament.

“No journalist took any interest in the involvement of LPM’s President rise to PAP,” he said.

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“Unfortunately our media is jealous and did not cover anything about Swartbooi going to the PAP session in South Africa,” said Seibeb.

The Pan-African Parliament, also known as the African Parliament, is the legislative body of the African Union and held its inaugural session in March 2004.

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The PAP exercises oversight, and has advisory and consultative powers, lasting for the first five years.

PAP is scheduled to hold an ordinary session from 27 June to 02 July 2022 at the Parliament’s headquarters in Midrand, South Africa.

Each country sends five members from its national parliament to the PAP session where a new PAP president will be elected.

Popular Democratic Movement, will be represented by McHenry Venaani, while the Swapo-Party will be represented by Loide Kasingo, Hambyuka Hamunyera and Evelyn Nawases.

Seibeb added that journalists have resorted to fractional politics and behave like politicians.

“They are only covering things of those parties they are supporting.”

Seibeb also questioned how a member can be set to be involved in the PAP and still not be recognised by the newspapers or the National Broadcasting Corporation.