Seidler leaves door for international competition return

• By Michael Uugwanga

DESPITE announcing retirement from Open Water Swimming competitions last year due to financial burden, Phillip Seidler has not completely ruled out a future return to the sport at international level such as the World Championships, Commonwealth Games and at the Olympics Games.

The 24-year-old announced his retirement from international competitions in October last year in order to focus on local competitions and to make room for other career opportunities.

Seidler, made his Olympic debut at the rescheduled 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan, in the 10km open water marathon heat, in which he finished his race in 16 position out of 26 swimmers with a time of 1:53:14.

In an interview with Confidente Sports, Seidler said he did not totally shut the door on international competition stating he misses international competitions.

He is currently local champion in the 2,1km and 5km races, which he won at the Pointbreak Oanob Open Water competition, last year.

Seidler also won the 10km bronze medal at the 2021 South African Open Water Swimming Olympic Trials.

His father, a government employee has been funding his international sporting adventures.

“At the beginning of year 2022, I decided to put my professional open water swimming on hold. I started working for a big company and needed to secure my future income. As a Namibian swimmer you don’t make money to live, on the contrary you need a lot of money to train and compete in international races, as they were all self funded. My father, being a government worker does not earn a big salary to finance my swimming exploits. After we depleted all his savings, I decided to start working and make my own living.