Setson releases fiery, conscious album

By Rosalia David

SETSON Wahengo, the Mighty Dread,’ one of Namibia’s music gurus recently released his fifth full length album ‘Warriors Worried’.

The new album surely proves that the Shambo and reggae artist continues to delve into modern sounds with ease.

The ‘Warriors worried’ album is fiery and filled with catchy grooves accompanied by melodic hooks definitely soaking up the urban energy of a rising modern Africa.

Apart from the songs’ lyrical content speaking and relatable to the masses, his voice is also hard to ignore as his warm tone and richly textured harmonies blend into his fusion of African folk, roots and blues.

The first track –Koshi yetango- on this masterpiece entices the listener to continue listening to the next song while building up curiosity on what else he has to offer.

The track further talks about how ‘what is done in the dark always come to light’, a cautionary message that many can take or leave.

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Meanwhile title track, Warriors worried, touches more on poverty singing about the gap between the poor and the rich.

He also mentions corruption in this song expressing his disappointment towards those that make the decisions on behalf of the nation.

On his third track, Owela metifa, Setson expresses his excitement towards being back in the industry after a nine year break.

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Fourth track, Roots of concern, also carries a strong message about how money is such a huge factor in everyone’s lives.

In this song, the live instruments are sublime, yet, it is his smooth engaging vocals that fold into the other songs that make this pleasurable album even more irresistible.

‘Tolinyengenawa (You are doing well)’ has a hypnotic, gentle lullaby rhythm making it hard to skip to the next song. Perhaps what makes the song more interesting and easy to listen to is the erotic lyrics that are hypnotising.

One can easily imagine the visuals for this particular song.

The artist perhaps followed the saying that goes ‘save the best for the last’ by putting ‘Shahalakana (disorganised)’ as the last song as it consists of striking instruments with the drums and soaring guitar riffs dominating.

With the project already on Namibian shelves, Confidente had to establish where the inspiration came from.

Setson said the album came at a time when the late Shambo queen Tunakie passed on saying that they were supposed to launch it together.

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“We were very close so I had to be a bit silent for a month, I couldn’t release it while mourning,” he added.

He went on to say that, all in all, the title is inspired by the fact that Namibians are indeed ‘brave warriors’.

“Most Namibians are worried about the government’s administration while 70 percent don’t trust it anymore … corruption, tribalism, nepotism and greed is the order of the day,” he stressed.

According to Setson, now that the album is out he will continue composing and making more music.