Shiikwa ‘not involved’ in irregular payment

By Confidente Reporter

CITY of Windhoek has clarified that the chairperson of the management committee Moses Shiikwa, did not instruct the payment of N$296 000 as reward to city police superintendent Pahukeni Titus who was installed as acting CEO to convene the meeting that decide on the fate of City Police chief Kanime.

According to acting CEO Obrien Hekandjo, Shiikwa does not authorise payments and had no hand in those payments further stating that management committee members are not permitted to give instructions or authorise payments of allowances and advances for staff members.

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Hekandjo however acknowledged that an internal investigation in the matter had been conducted and an audit report has been presented to them with recommendations.

“I cannot share with you the outcome of the report because they were just presented to us and relevant departments are yet to act on the recommendation.

All I can tell you is that the honourable councillor [Shiikwa] was not involved in the payments. Those found to be involved in the matter will be dealt with as per recommendations of the report,” he said.

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Hekandjo was responding to an article published in Confidente recently which stated that the City of Windhoek CEO Robert Kahimise had probed the N$296 000 payment while giving instructions for the matter to be investigated.