Shikomba to launch second book

By Rosalia David

AUTHOR of the book ‘Ounongo wapewa Elai’, Haikela Shikomba is currently putting the final touches to another motivational book titled ‘The homeless professor’ which will be launched on September 30.

Passionate about bringing a positive impact in the lives of the community, Shikomba said, ‘The homeless professor’ defines the reality of life in Africa.

“Africans, we are living a hopeless life … where we have to export everything in order to survive in a country like Namibia,” he said.

He further said the inspiration came from observing the community he lives in while trying to inspire people from different aspects of lives.

He added that his aim is to continue writing books that can make a difference in society while encouraging more authors to get the confidence to write and self-publish their own books in order to add to the ‘knowledge of life.

Talking about his first book, Shikomba explained: “Ounongo wapewa Elai means wisdom given to a fool. That is a basically just a motivational book where I intend to inspire and motivate the Namibian youth to work towards achieving their dreams and to pay attention to the details of life.

The author who hails from Ohangwena region said his first book was received well with the demand for his books continuously rising.

“People are interested in reading, especially when they can get something from it and the books are really meant to teach and exchange knowledge,” he added.

Shikomba said writing is something he has grown fond of and he intends to write more books that can be recognised not only locally but internationally as well.