Shincheonji Youth Volunteers aid Katutura Old Age Home

  By Martha Nangombe

KATUTURA Central Constituency Councillor Vezemba Rodman Katjaimo has praised the Shincheonji Volunteers Association for organising a winter drive to aid inhabitants of the Katutura Old Age Home.

Shincheonji Volunteers, a non-profit organisation based in Windhoek and headquartered in South Korea, successfully organised the Winter Drive at the Katutura Old Age Home to provide warmth and support to the elderly during the winter season.

The Shincheonji Volunteers team donated 24 winter packs filled with necessities like socks, scarves, gloves, and woollen hats.     

The Katutura Old Age Home expressed enthusiasm and appreciation towards the initiative.

Residents at the Old Age Home expressed appreciation for the youthful volunteers’ presence and readiness to assist them.

Notably, most of the senior inhabitants at Katutura Old Age Home spoke Afrikaans, and a specialised translator was on hand to facilitate good communication between the volunteers and the residents.

Katjaimo was pleased by the dedication and compassion the Shincheonji Youth Volunteers showed. He intended to partner with the association by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to formalise the cooperation.

He also sought a meeting with the organisation to discuss creating a feeding programme, specifically a gardening initiative.

Katjaimo cited Martin Luther King in his message to the participants, emphasising the importance of working together to achieve a common objective.

He praised the Shincheonji Youth Volunteers’ tenacity and encouraged them to continue their honourable job.

Recognising the difficult nature of their efforts, he told the Shincheonji Volunteers that their efforts would be rewarded since he believed in the heavenly acknowledgement of their unselfish activities.

Katjaimo emphasised his eagerness to collaborate with the Shincheonji Youth Volunteers, acknowledging their great influence on the neighbourhood.

“This is a good initiative, but the work should not end here,” he added.

Katutura Old Age Home Caretaker Memory Kamberipa expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Shincheonji Youth Volunteers and emphasised the need for winter clothing for the elderly during this period.

She asked the volunteers not to think of this as a one-time event but rather as the start of a long-term connection.

Shincheonji Volunteer Association is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the elderly and the community.

The volunteers aim to inspire others and develop a culture of kindness, volunteerism, and community engagement by arranging events like the Winter Drive.

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