Shipanga is ‘voice perfect’

By Rosalia David

PAUL William Shipanga scooped the big prize in the Voice Perfect Namibia music competition finale which took place last weekend.

Speaking to Confidente after walking away with N$10 000 cash prize, Shipanga said the accolade truly proves that hard work pays off, and he also expressed gratitude towards the initiators of the show.

“I am very happy, humbled and grateful to have won the Voice Perfect Namibia competition.  It means a lot to me, because it validated that hard work and determination are truly the essential qualities that secure success,” he said.

Otjozondjupa-born and raised Shipanga (23) said he has always been interested in music from childhood.

He said he was raised by his grandparents and his mother and singing in church was some sort of a tradition to him growing up.

“I used to sing in church as a little boy, and music has never left me ever since.  I am inspired by my grandmother as she is the source of my humility and my joy.  I am also inspired by my mother, because of her evident work ethic, and for all the sacrifices she has made in order for me to be who I am today,” he added.

Now that he has won the Voice Perfect competition, Shipanga plans to finally pursue his music career and complete his medical degree at the same time.

Shipanga said: “I am considering pursuing my music career, however I also want to finish my medical studies, as I love working with patients, just as much as I love singing to loved ones.  I love classical music, but art is such a broad spectrum. I would love do any kind of art that is positive, beautiful and appreciated by the world at large regardless of the genre,” he said.

He added that, he knew that music was for him when he decided to enter the competition. “I found out about the competition on social media, and was highly inspired to participate in it due to my unconditional love for music.”

Shipanga is currently a medical student at the University of Namibia (UNAM), a humanitarian and he is also the founding president of the Reach One Serve One Foundation which is a charity organisation that aims to cater to the less fortunate students of UNAM and to the chronically ill patients in state hospitals that are in need of love and joy.

“Overall, I am a child of God and I thank Him for bringing me this far, despite all the trials I experienced in life. I thankfully persevered because of him, and because of my family, and my amazing fans that loved me since day one, for that I’m truly grateful. Thank you,” he said.