SHIPI FM celebrates three years on air

By Confidente Reporter

SHIPI FM, a community broadcasting radio station owned by Shipanga Holdings, celebrated their third anniversary in Ondangwa last week. The station which opened its doors in 2016 has always been committed to and aimed to inform, uplift and serve Namibians through one of the most powerful communication tools in the developing world.

According to the founder and executive chairman of Shipanga Holdings, Martin Kaali Shipanga, their aim is to serve the community and not make money, which is why their advertising rates are so affordable.

“Conventional advertising is expensive but with Shipi FM we are here to serve with the most affordable rates in the country. Our rates are indeed low to give access to anyone and everyone. It is our aim to make it easy and accessible, therefore please make use of it, it is your own station.”

He added that because Shipi FM was born out of a vision to empower and give Namibians a platform to engage and share information so as to ensure that they take each other’s hands in fighting ignorance and poverty, the company has to be a 100 percent Namibian Initiative, funded 100 percent by Shipanga Holdings.

“Shipanga Holdings invested over N$5 million to set up this venture. Shipi FM truly appreciates the support from our listeners in particular and people in general. It goes a long way when a community believes and supports a local initiative.

“We will continue to invest into Shipi FM in monetary terms and time and to give meaning to this, an expansion project has taken place with a further capital cost injection of N$1.5 million to cover and spread our wings wider in Oshivelo, Tsumeb, Grootfontein and Otavi, Otjiwarongo and surrounding areas, as well as Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

“Our next phase will be announced as soon as the above has been completed. We are committed to realising our dream of covering 80 to 100 percent of Namibia,” Shipanga said. Shipi FM can be heard on GoTV Channel 313 & DStv 846, as well as on Garden Radio, an app that one can download from iStore or Google Play.